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Structural Engineering of the Human Body!

Abdul-Rahman Haikal, Civil Engineer, Educator and Fitness Coach,USA

This week on the Structural Stalwarts platform we have Abdul-Rahman Haikal who is a Civil Engineer by profession and a fitness coach by passion.

Due to the current unfortunate pandemic, we all the Civil and Structural Engineering Professionals have shifted to a work from home scenario which was never implemented in our profession previously. Therefore, we wanted to invite Abdul to share his insights on how we can dwell into this new shift to make ourselves more productive in our daily tasks and have an efficient workday.

1. Structural Engineering of the Human Body and its Maintenance.

2. Do you have a good start to your mornings before getting to work?

3. How often do you take small breaks while working from home?

4. Do you take a proper lunch break while working from home?

5. Do you end your workday on time while working from home?


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