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    ‘Structural Stalwarts’ as the name suggests, is a platform developed with an aim of reaching out each and every Structural Engineer from different parts of the world on a single platform where some of the most experienced Structural Engineering Stalwarts from around the globe will be sharing their experiences and learning's that they have gained during their journey as a Structural Engineer.

    With the involvement of the expert Structural Engineers who have worked on some of the most amazing design projects in different parts of the world, this platform envisions to share their experiences and bring forward the various techniques and design innovations that are used at different regions globally. This will help in empowering the skills and mindset of our growing fellow Structural Engineers and contribute to facilitate the growth and advancement of our Structural Engineering Community.

    Along with sharing the experiences of the renowned Structural Engineers and some of the complex Structural Design Projects from around the globe; this platform also focuses on developing a tool where Structural Engineers can anonymously report the various design decisions taking place during the design phase of a project and also report any common mistakes/errors that you have observed in your past design projects or any deficiencies that you observe in the current design standards and practices. More details on these two tools can be found in the ‘Spotlight’ tab on the top.

    So if you are a structural/ geotechnical/ civil engineer or someone who is inquisitive of the amazing structures around you; please try and visit this platform once every week. There will be at least one article/video posted each week sharing experiences and learnings of fellow Structural Stalwarts or some of the amazing structure stories from around the globe.

    Let’s work together towards improving our skills and empowering our structural engineering community each week one step at a time!

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