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4 Simple Practices to Boost Bridge Engineering Skills!

Raj Singh and Saqib Khan - Founders at Spannovation Bridge and Seismic School, Canada

For their exceptional passion for Bridge Engineering and with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry; Raj Singh and Saqib Khan have expounded their ideas on four simple practices that can catapult one’s bridge engineering career.

While we receive job training working at design firms, in general there is a lack of career-building mentoring. Rarely do we see firms implement a systematic program to holistically develop young engineers in training into mature engineers. We are generally relegated to learn through a trial and error approach.

Assuming you are actively engaged in structural analysis and getting exposure to the design of bridges, practicing these four simple practices presented will accelerate your technical development. The onus lies on you to understand, pursue and consistently implement these practices in your daily work to derive the maximum advantage. You are invited to take personal responsibility for your career growth and achieve greatness!

Please have a look at this amazing short video describing the following ‘Four Simple Practices to Boost your Bridge Engineering Skills’.

Four Simple Practices to Boost Bridge Engineering Skills


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